Pictured: Kinkistry DIY lace closure wig

texture- Koilistics

length- 16′” 18″ 20″

discount code: jaicurls10


Hey Queens!

Its no secret that a wig is my go to. They are convenient, versatile, and the perfect protective style for healthy hair and growth. Synthetic, human, straight, curly, or braids- I don’t discriminate about my favorite type of wigs, they all can help you reach your healthy hair goals while adding versatility to your hair life. If you’re a wig junkie like myself, you’ll find yourself wearing your favorite wig a million times, it can end up not looking so fresh as the first day. Here is an easy wig care regimen you can follow to keep them in tip top shape.

Pictured: wigs (human and synthetic) that’s I’ve had for at least a year

Affordable Sulfate Free Shampoo or Cowash

I wash my wig not as often as my natural hair. If its human, I wash it about every month or so. No special or favorite shampoo or conditioner, anything pretty much works. I use the conditioner as a deep conditioner for about 10-15 minutes just to finger detangle. The point is to get out all product buildup and to refresh the unit for its normal luster. For synthetic, I either use a dry shampoo or nothing at all. For my curly hair, as it get older (just like a good twist out), it gets better and look more natural. I don’t use any products on my synthetic wigs therefore they don’t get dirty. For fragrance, I like to spray a light oil sheen or wig shine.

Air Dry | Wig

I only use heat drying to straight, human hair. Other than that, allowing your unit to air dry will prevent any alteration to curl pattern or texture.

Use Light or No Product

The beauty of a wig is that it comes pre-styled. It should semi or all the way look exactly how you want to style your hair. With that being said, addition product should not be use often. For example, my curly/kinky, human hair wigs requires moisture BUT not as extensive LOC method. I can added a frizz free serum will damp and it will hold moisture longer than my natural hair ever would.


I say only comb straight hair, synthetic or human. If it’s curly and human hair, I finger detangle (I rarely use a comb) while deep conditioning. If its synthetic and any other texture, I won’t comb it UNLESS the combed result is my desired look. For example, I like to purchase synthetic, curly hair JUST to comb it with a cheapy wired brush or paddle brush out for a more natural afro look.


What’s your wig care regimen?


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