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3 Steps To The Perfect Wash And Go For Type 4 Hair

Achieving the perfect wash and go for type 4 hair has been deemed rare and almost impossible BUT I figured it out! After getting a Devacut from Jarely (read more here), we chatted and she got my kinky curls and coils to pop like never before. I always saw my coils during wash day, but some how I couldn’t get them to do what I need them to do after apply product. Well, after my haircut, I learned what I did wrong and I’m able to repeat this method over and over and get curl poppin results every time.

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Step 1: Deep Condition

It sounds cliche, but a good, moisturizing deep conditioner is so important in a successful wash and go. It will be the foundation for your curls shape and definition. When apply product, make sure 1) cover your entire hair strands 2) you allow the DC to sit in your hair long enough for curl definition 3) rinse out with cold water and do not rake the curls out.



Step 2: Max Coverage

This step is crucial because it reinforces and sets the curl definition established during your DC session. Max coverage speaks in reference to how you apply product(s). I like to use a creamy leave in, gel, and light oil for the best results- similar to the LCO – read more here. I recommend applying product to small sections (particularly to areas that your curls are already clumped together) to cover the entire hair shaft. Two things you want to pay the most attention to: 1) you do not want any roughness after all product is applied. Your curl should be smooth and defined 2) your ends are covered and twirled. If not, take your finger and coil your ends.

Step 3: Drying Method

I don’t recommend over night drying. How your hair dries dictates how your curls will look at the end. There are 3 major keys to keep in mind-  1) keep your fingers out your hair 2) allow to air dry or sit under a dryer 3) Don’t over fluffy, lift only your roots.



The Perfect Wash And Go For Type 4 Hair is not hard as you think. What are some of your tips?