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I am uber excited to share my review with you about Moisture Love hair care brand because I am no stranger to their goodness. I initially tried this line as Coco Curls and I fell in LOVE with their style cream! Now they have rebranded themselves to focus on what their line is truly about and that’s moisture! This Atlanta based brand pride itself on crating 4 products that represents all things hydration. Lets face it, no matter where you go or who you ask, moisture is the key for health hair. So a haircare brand who curated products to provide the maximum hydration possible through all stages of hair care, is definitely worth a try, right? RIGHT! I was fortunate enough to collaborate with this brand for their #FallInLove campaign and it was exactly what my hair needed. I’m going to dive in the review as usual answering all the questions we curly girls have before trying to a product.


How Did I Get These Product(s): I was sent these products in a monetary exchange for an honest review


Product: Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo, Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner, Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream, and Goodnight Kiss Finishing Spritz



Smell: warm, fresh baked goods! I love this smell! Its not overpowering, but its noticeable. I received so many compliments.



Consistency: Shampoo– creates nice lather Conditioner– thick not runny at all Cream– similar to a water based leave in conditioner Spritz– Its not a runny oil at all. Its more so like a dry oil that won’t run down your neck.



Style: I did a braid and curl and it was a success. I recommend trying any style with this line up. I even feel that a wash and go is attainable using this line only.


Price: $16.50-27.00 it is not the cheapest but they have sales often and products last a long time so your get more than paying for.



Volume: I did not feel that my hair was weighed down. It was shiny and bouncy and I think its all because the style cream is light and the spritz is even lighter.



Moisture: Moisture O V E R L O A D and that’s a good thing. I don’t know how the style cream is so light and still packs so much. The shampoo didn’t leave my hair stripped, the conditioner was super moisturizing and defined my curls in less that 15 minutes, and the cream applied easily to my hair and gave my hair super definition. The spritz locked in my moisture that lasted 5-6 days without re-moisturizing. All of this and no heavy, product build up, or weighed down hair.



Softness & Weight: My hair was really soft which I believe has a lot to do with the spritz and cocoa butter in the styling cream. I rambled above about how my hair wasn’t weighed down at all.



Claim: Max moisture and hydration…..Completely got that cover.



Key Ingredient(s): avocado oil, aloe vera, castor oil, cocoa butter



The Process: No matter what style you do, you want to use this line for the LCO Method it promotes healthy hair and growth while giving you the best style ever.


Hair Performance: My hair was shiny, had elasticity, and soft- all signs of healthy hair.


Re-Purchase: yes. yes. YES!



So ladies, have you tried this brand? Tell me what you think below!

As always, create your own happiness.



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