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Its been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy an unit from www.HerKinkz.com and I definitely think you guys should get my thoughts! If you are looking for a low maintenance, affordable, and a quality, kinky unit, they are definitely worth the try!


I was gifted this unit in exchange for a honest review!

Here are the details:

Texture: “Coils All Over” lace frontal wig

Length: 28 inches




Low Maintenance

This unit is synthetic and does require all the attention  human hair extensions needs. I don’t have to refresh the unit before or after use, it doesn’t hold a smell (you know, that old wig smell), and it’s exactly the right amount of kinky fresh out of packaging.



Here I cut the hair for shoulder length….


This unit is under $100 can you believe that? A quality lace frontal unit is hard to come by, so when I tried this unit out I was really impressed with its quality and the price. Lengths beyond 18 inches regardless if it’s synthetic or human, normally run you more than $100 easily.


This unit has little to no shedding, feels soft as any other human hair, and holds its texture. Its really a great unit for any natural who wants to get their money’s worth. As a self proclaimed wig connoisseur, I’ve tried units and experiences tangles, stiffness, and anything else you can think of. I’ve been wearing this unit for 6 months now and it still looks just as nice as day one.


How I Maintain?

  • I lightly spray the unit with oil sheen if I need to boost shine
  • I use little to no products
  • I add mousse to enhance curls if I store the unit improperly and need to add bounce back to it

What do you think? Have you heard of this company? Well Her Kinkz is black and woman owned by a girl boss who slays effortlessly and provide some superb customer services. Find Her Kinkz all over the internet at @HerKinkz – Facebook | Instagram

Shop Here: www.HerKinkz.com


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