Let’s talk natural soaps and their purpose. Soap is suppose to cleanse your body of any unnecessary agents, right?!

Commercial soaps have obsessed with being the best at “cleaning” that it has become a mixture of cleaning chemicals that removed everything from your skin – even what doesn’t need to be removed such as moisture and necessary body sebum.

Natural soaps takes away what doesn’t belong and replenish what’s needed and simultaneously nourishes your skin for long lasting health. This reason alone is why you should use natural soaps. Also, purchasing natural soaps from black owned business is a great way to shop black. More than likely, a black owned business can create products to help heal ailments that are more common in black communities, such as eczema.


Here are 4 natural soaps (that I’ve tried and loved) to heal your problematic skin…


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Activated Charcoal: It’s minty scent is mentally clarifying after a long day. Peppermint essential oil is antiseptic which means it promotes cleanliness free from germs. Activated charcoal absorbs oil and dirt from pores leaves skin feeling balanced and properly detox. This combo is a detox from heaven for mild to severe problematic skin on any level. It’s ideal for stabilizing most skin issues. I love how well it works for face and body and this is my primary soap used especially after workouts.

Lemongrass and Patchouli: Lemongrass is an astringent, antiseptic, & antibacterial in nature. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t prefer activated charcoal or its ingredients, but still need something to maintain healthy skin.

South African Lavender: This soap has a light floral scent for the people who love spring. Lavender is another with antiseptic and antifungal properties fit for most skin ailments especially in aiding in the formation of scarred tissues (perfect for sunburn etc). South African lavender is found in the Cape of South Africa.

Tea Tree and Turmeric: Tea Tree has to be the most used herb for medicinal skin care. Highly recommended by some doctors and all herbalists, tea tree is known for its healing and cleansing of bacteria properties. Turmeric is becoming known for it’s anti-inflammatory qualities which target your pores, calm your skin, reducing scarring, and prevent and treat acne breakouts. This soap is a top choice for acne prone skin.


You can find these soaps and more at HerbNEden.com plus a 20% off coupon if you click that link. Skin is your largest organ and your first defense against unwanted organisms. It catches all the yuck so it won’t enter your body. Thus cleansing and treating your skin is a top priority that we can’t ignore. I had the opportunity to interview the owner of Herb’N Eden, Terran, and get her expert feedback on soap and skincare. If you’re needing some guidance, try reading more here.

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