Hey Queens!


This is for my mocha beauties who are torn between finding makeup that match our dark skin color, that’s long lasting, doesn’t break the bank, isn’t hard to find, and the list goes on and on. I’m no makeup artist by any means , but I’ve gotten enough compliments for my everyday face (and glam face here and there) to know I need to share with my sisters where I find my favorite makeup for dark skin.

And yes I wear makeup with my acne prone skin……read more about how I manage here. 



I’ve used Maybelline FitMe  in the shades 355 Coconut and 360 Mocha (when my skin doesn’t know what it’s doing, I  mix the colors together: HACK) for the longest, but I found that it didn’t last on my oily skin and the transfer was ridiculous. The pro is that this foundation only costs roughly $5-$7 and is an easy find. If you don’t have super oily skin, this might be a good find for you.


I started using Estee Lauder Double Wear in Deep Spice with a natural moisturizer under it (for priming purposes) and it a win for me. I had to search for this foundation, so now I purchase online ahead of time. It does not go as quickly as my previous foundation and its provides a medium to full coverage that well rounded for all seasons.



I go super cheap for my brows because ELF cream smudge pot has not done me wrong yet. I don’t swear my brows off, accidently rub them off, or anything so I don’t see a reason to spend more on eyebrows. This eyebrow cream lasts MONTHS (6+) and only costs $3-$6. I perfer the shade expresso, but when I’m dramatic and wear jet black hair, I like my eyebrows to match. I add my bronzer/highlight to my arch for a glow in photos.


I touch up my brows like every other gal with some more inexpensive concealer for the same reason, its pops my brows and haven’t failed me yet. LA GIRL concealer in FAWN I grab at my local beauty supply store or here for less than $4.  I also use this for my highlight on my face while adding ELF  HD lifting concealer  in MEDIUM  ($3) directly under my eyes for a brighter eye effect.


I like to be subtle and dramatic so for my everyday look, I used dramatic wispies lashes from Ardell or a chinese wholesaler on Amazon HERE (I got 15 reusable lashes for $5.00 and I’ve been using this for the past 3 months), add a wing liner with some liquid liner, and touch up my lid with a single nude eyeshadow. I don’t spend over $10 for all of this.



I mentioned before that I use LA GIRL concealer (color: fawn)  and ELF  HD lifting concealer (color: medium) on my face to highlight.  I only highlight/apply under my eyes and middle of my forehead. I use LA GIRL everywhere and add ELF directly under my eyes for the bright eye effect. I contour with a darker powder (currently NYX MATTE FOUNDATION for $7) using an angle brush. I contour the corners of my forehead and my cheeks. I have no desire to contour my nose or anywhere else for the matter.

I use blush to warm my face. In the same areas I apply my contour, I add the darkest color in the ELF Blush palette. This palette costs me $6 and last a few months.

I end it all with adding Sonia Kashuk highlighter to my highlight hotspots. The hotspots include eyebrow arch, top of my cheek bone where blush and concealer mets, top of my lip, and my middle nose and tip. This highlighter is literally gold and just plays with black girl magic so well in sunlight and dark. It goes for roughly about $12 and I’ve had my current product for a year now.



I would wear just about any color, but right now I am obsessing over nude, matte and gloss. My favorite nude combination is a dark brown liner, NYX soft matte cream in Dubai over all my lips, and for the inside- NYX soft matte in Toyko. For an even softer look, I would use Abu Dubai instead of Toyko.



Here are all the products mentioned above!

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