Hi there! I am Jasmine.

but tons of people call me Jai which is perfectly fine!

Welcome to www.Jaiologie.com!

It’s a digital beauty/lifestyle space I’ve created for women of color as a avenue to find the right beauty product or hack for their beautifully busy lifestyle. . Here you can find personal content about beauty and lifestyle that are pertinent to our melanin lives.

A little about me….

I am lover of natural hair (of course!), yoga, positive vibes, amazing books, food, traveling, MARVEL movies, a good handbag, and the multiple levels of the black woman! I began blogging as a channel to fulfill my purpose of helping others. So many people reached out to me about my success with my natural hair journey and level of self love I had for myself I caught onto my purpose and created Jaiologie!


I transitioned to natural hair in September 2012 for exactly two weeks and then I big chopped. Since then, I’ve suffered from heat damaged TWICE (I guess I didn’t get enough), chemical damage (bad dye jobs), tons of failures, and a funky scalp fungus and I still managed to have healthy hair, so I know you can do it too! When it comes to natural hair, Jaiologie is dedicated to promoting healthy hair and growth while rocking chic styles. We collide healthy hair + styles so the modern naturalista doesn’t have to choose one over the other. Want to learn more about natural hair? Check out more natural hair content here.


I also cover aspects of life such as style, travel, and self care because it’s important to our humanness. Beauty is definitely more than skin deep and if we are going to embrace ourselves for who we are, we can’t leave out what make us, us. Black women are multidimensional beings and that’s exactly what we are celebrating here.


Black Mental Health is a priority and passion of mine, read more about it here.


Jaiologie provides my personal insight and perspective on life and beauty in hope that women while find it relatable and/or inspirational. The more you love yourself, the more you grow into an enhanced you. As women we have so much power in realms many don’t understand and it’s up to us to unlock our #BlackGirlMagic and do what we do best. Love. Inspire. Empower. Glow in our blackness.


In reference to working with Jai, email info@jaiologie.com.

Love Always,


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