Hello Queens!

So I’m not a newbie when it comes to traveling, but I am NOT seasoned when it comes to traveling outside of the US. My first time stepping foot outside of the mainland was a cruise to Mexico (I needed to take baby steps don’t judge). Read about my experience here. This trip to Puerto Rico was important to me because I was able to plan and execute my own itinerary and travel  to a “foreign” place.

I went into details about how much I spent for this trip here.

Day 1

Arriving at our condo, We got settled and visited the cuisine next door. The atmosphere itself was amazing. All murals were people of color. This was my first observation & was floored at the mental effect of representation had on myself. I enjoyed a staple of the island, Mofongo, and it definitely put me in the mind of dressing or stuffing.


Day 2

We visited the El Yunque Rainforest to find and swim in  the La Mina Falls. It was highly recommended by locals and friends so it was a must for us. After a daunting drive up the mountain, we found two unexpected natural beauties. The view was humbling and definitely made my trip worthwhile within itself. La Cocoa Falls was a smaller waterfall we found on the way to La Mina and snap the rainforest in its element.


Day 3

After Cocoa Falls, we packed up & prepared for our next day on the island. We spent most of our time at the Bacardi Factory. Its definitely a touristy attraction, but the Bacardi Factory was nothing less of a good time. We got some history on the company and at least 4 drinks- 3 drinks we made on our own in a mixology class. Our tour guide was hilarious and all of this was done within 2 hours.

Day 4

We headed back to El Yunque Rainforest to find La Mina Falls and took a very different route to enjoy the old spanish architecture. Nonetheless, we found the 1.5 mile trail that lead to La Mina Falls and like everything else on this island, it was worth it.

We also took the time to head over to Luquillo beach to catch scenery and a bite to eat at Pueblo Y Pasta (which was my favorite meal on the island)

Day 5

We took our last day to sight see and conquer two locations: Fort Cristobal & Puerta De Tierra Beach. Fort Cristobal was way more than we expected. It provided a panoramic view on the island. Puerto De Tierra beach made us choose to climb of a Death Valley of rocks or jump a fence to reach the high tides and beautiful scenery. We did both. Everything between was just as rewarding.

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