Severe acne scars – I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. Meaning, acne unfortunately has been my thing since puberty. Therefore, I’ve been struggling to get rid of those severe acne scars every since as well. Honestly, my acne was so haywire, I never really put thought into getting rid of the dark spots, since new acne always popped up. I tried absolutely everything to manage my skin issues until I came to my senses and realize using natural products was key. I’ve since found products with natural ingredients that have subsided my acne and dark scars simultaneously.

While my acne subsided, I realized how many scars I really had. Its was alot. Luckily, when I found my current staple beauty brand for my face, their facial mask was geared towards brighten skin tone and healing dark scars.

CDF Skin Care is my go to for my face regimen.

I rave about this brand often because it’s been  here:

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Today, I want to talk specifically on the Charcoal Corrector since its played a major role in lightening my severe acne scars.

What I do

Weekly, I mix 1/2 tsp of Charcoal Corrector with a tsp of water until it’s a fluid mixture. Using a fan brush, I apply the mixture to my face to cover it in its entirety. I like to stroke the brush in multiple directions and angles to open your pores more. It usually dries in about 10 minutes and I wash away with luke warm water.​


My face feels completely detoxed, smoother, and unclogged. Of course, I had even tone and brighter skin. Afterwards, I apply the Summer Mint Toner to my t-zone, and the Cucumber Cream to moisturize.

What’s In It

Here are some fun facts about key ingredients in the Charcoal Corrector per CDF Skin Care

  • Charcoal: detoxifies, absorbs excess oil, acne-fighter
  • Blue Green Algae: skin’s super food to detoxify. increases skin’s glow. retains skin’s moisture.
  • Bentonite Clay: clarifies skin, exfoliates, detoxifies.
  • Vitamin C to assist in lightening dark spots
  • Tea Tree + Neroli: anti-bacterial. treats acne scarring.


As you can see, this mask plays a major role in my skin care regimen! What do you use for brighter skin?


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