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As you may know, I’ve been ranting and raving about my first trip to the beautiful land of Puerto Rico, and I must admit- it did not disappoint! This historic Caribbean island created an experience of great food, vibes, and scenery for 5 days & less than $600!



Arrangements: Vacation rental via VRBO

Transportation: Flight + Rental car

Length of stay: 5 days

Attractions: San Cristobal Fort, El Yunque Rainforest, Laquillo Beach, Puerta De Tierra Beach, Bacardi Factory, La Placita


We wanted this trip to capture the staples of Puerto Rico. Its infamous Spanish architecture, beautiful beaches, and unique attractions. So we decided to have better control of trip and flew to PR and  opted to used  a rental car to get where we want on our own terms.

Flight + Price: Delta + $383 from Pensacola, Fl

Our flight was pricey because we didn’t put much work in s using any sky miles, credits, etc. We did track our flight via Google Flights and when we saw the lowest prices so far, we jumped on it.


Stay: VRBO Studio Condo $70 per night split between 3 ladies

This condo was located in Isla Verde, PR (San Juan) on a touristy strip. We had access to a beach, drug stores, food, and casino within walking distance. The condo itself was well secure with 24 hour guards, locked entrances, and gate code required. I definitely recommend it to others. Here is where I found it.



Attraction 1: Bacardi Factory // $60

The Barcardi Factory is a great tourist attraction for adults over 21 looking for a good time. It runs for about 1h 20 mins long sharing the history of Bacardi and how its created. Most of the tour is you learning how to make some of Barcardi’s most infamous drinks. There are 3 tours you can try (more info here), we opted for the Mixology Tour so we can basically enjoy the most drinks. SPOILER ALERT, at the least, you will have 4 potent drinks! Its definitely a tour intended to get you tipsy. Nonetheless, it was well worth its $60.

Attraction 2: El Yunque Rainforest & Luquillo Beach //  Free

These two locations were highly recommended by locals, friends, and online reviews so we knew we wanted to experience each, plus it was free in every aspect so we didn’t pass on free 99. El Yunque Rainforest is a national reserve filled with waterfalls, hiking trails, and amazing views of the island. We stopped along the drive to capture the scene and even climb next to a waterfall. After a mile hike, we reached its precious waterfall La Mina Falls were we swam and caught the most beautiful shots.

Luquillo Beach was another jewel on this island. It was about 6 minutes from the El Yunque Rainforest so we planned these two locations on the same day. Its characterized with large waves, rocks, and small shops and the most unique restaurants.



Attraction 3: San Cristobal Fort //  $5  | Puerta De Tierra Beach // Free

This fort stretches across old San Juan and it is definitely something you should visit if you’re ever on the island. For $5, you have hours to capture different views of this city, some history on how Spain utilized this island in the 1700s, and a really good unexpected work out.

Puerta De Tierra Beach was right next to Fort Cristobal and it required some hiking, jumping a fence, and walking arcoss a valley of rocks to reach its  beauty, but worth it.

Nightlife // $0

There is no cover in La Placita, where Puerto Rico comes alive at night. Its a strip of bars and shops that turn to clubs at night with a variety of music and fun.


Food // $75

Curry Shrimp with pesto penne pasta at Pueblo Y Pasta located at Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico

We ate locally and I promise I didn’t spend over $100 for 5 days to eat. Their beloved Mofongos could be found for cheap as $8 plus they are super filling so you won’t miss a thing. From small businesses on our strip to cafes in old San Juan, we ate purely local, small businesses and didn’t miss a meal.


Puerto Rico is an affordable trip for any type of traveler and I recommend to everyone who is looking for a beautiful cultural experience for a really, cheap price!

Read more about my trip to Puerto Rico in details here.

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