Hey Queens!

As any girl, I love a beat face of makeup, but not at the expense of my natural eyebrows and lashes. As I wore false eyelashes more and more, I noticed the decline in my length and density of my real eyelashes and that is a huge NO for me. I’ve always been complimented on my long lashes and full brows so to lose them so easily and quickly to artificial beauty  meant to enhance is a sucker punch to the throat.

Here are my favorite and most affordable lashes here.

So to solve my issue without giving up my love for makeup and its accessories, I created a regimen that revived my natural features – full brows and lashes. Here is what I do:

Daily Regimen

Add JBCO once a day using a brow brush (Find cheap JBCO here & an easy brow brush here).

Take hair, skin, and nails vitamins.

Drink plenty water – plenty means actually close to a gallon a day. I wrote a post on how I trick myself to drink  more water daily – HERE

I saw a big difference in two weeks. Also here are a few things I started doing differently to stop my lashes from breaking off:

Remove all mascara with coconut oil (find some here).

Remove false lashes only when lose and with oil as well using a q-tip.

Don’t use daily.


How do you maintain your natural eyebrows and lashes?





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