Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row casually resides in downtown Charleston South Carolina on Bay St. You can’t seem to miss it for obvious reasons. Locals informed me that the name for this series of thirteen colorful historic houses represents the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the United States. Also, its name originated from its pastel colors it was painted after restorations some time in the 1950s. There are two stories to how this row came about. One includes using different colors to lead drunken sailors to their bunks. Another says that the colors were for illiterate slaves to know which store to visit (this story I can believe due to its strong relationship with slavery).

The Battery

The battery’s history is quite impressive and locals seem to be the most proud of. It served as a waterfront fort against many in a multitude of wars as well as where the pirate “Blackbeard” was captured and hung. Read more about this feat here

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is definitely a family friendly landmark in Charleston.  Main attractions such as two water fountains – one notoriously known as the Pineapple – are where children (and family pets) can have fun as parents enjoy treats sold nearby. The park’s charming atmosphere is perfect for family fun, casual date, and apparently the home of southern belle weddings.

Downtown Charleston & Market

Downtown Charleston hosts a plethora of sweet shops and more. It’s also home to the Charleston City Market where slaves were marketed off to the highest bidder. Now, it’s the home of artisan creatives to sell their latest products.

At the market is where I saw a piece of Gullah Geechee Culture. Baskets woven from palm tree leaves was an insight into how the Geechee community still held some of their culture.

Ebenezer AME Church

Ebenezer AME Church was a must for me. If you didn’t know, this is where the hate crime & massacre of the  “Charleston 9” took place (click to read more). It was Sunday, and the congregation was ending service but I could not deny the feeling of “someone in this church lost their love one here” it’s a moving feeling and it’s a must visit not because it has some fancy memorial in place, but it’s your everyday church.  Church continued unmoved. It’s a testament to the church’s character. Outside of this hate crime, this church is historic. Its the first AME church in the entire south. This is definitely a Charleston South Carolina gem.

I’m pretty sure there is more to Charleston South Carolina to see, what did I miss? Comment below =)

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