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My natural hair journey reached 4 years in November 2016 and I didn’t want to do the cliche length check. My hair had grown, survived chemical damage, heat damage, split ends terrorism, and single strand knots invasion. A length check was the last thing on my list. What I did desired is a shapely fro i.e. a devacut and a new color.

Read more about how I actually celebrated here.

It took me 3-4 months to find who I wanted to touch my hair. I don’t know about you guys, but my hair isn’t trusted to many AND I have never been scissor happy when it came to my fro, so this was a huge leap for me. I stumbled across my curlfriend Chronicurls latest cut and she got the devacut from Jarely ( @FaithInCurls ) and it looked so B O M B. I browsed/stalked her IG and fell in love. Luckily, Jarely reached out to me about an collaboration and I knew it was the universe way of telling me “Do it” lol so I did.

A few things about Jerely…

She’s not a newbie, not an OG either, BUT definitely knows what she’s talking about AND currently creating a lasting impression in the curly community!

She legit took a random leap of faith into this profession and never looked back since. Her story is funny, amazing, and inspiring. She makes me want to be a stylist.

She’s located in the central Florida location and has her very own studio where for the most time, it’s personal you and her time.

The Process

On arrival, Jarely sat me down and asked me what I wanted, how I styled my hair, and was I comfortable with wash n gos because that’s how we were styling my hair. After she let me pluck her brain, she got me in her chair and started cutting.

I can’t lie. I didn’t look at the floor one time because cutting my hair gives me major anxiety. Jerely unknowingly talked me through the entire process telling about different characteristics about my hair she noticed, her opinion on different hair topics, how she makes decisions on where to cut, and both of our futures. After she achieved my desired shape, she let me know that after styling, she will “clean” up the cut some more.

She broke out some new products from Up North Naturals and gave me the wash and go of my life. Up North Naturals is an all natural haircare brand that is based in Canada. She used 3 products to do the LOC  METHOD (read more here)

After shampooing and conditioning with Devacurl, Jarely used the following products from Up North Naturals

Here are my super defined results.

Here is a fierce after & before picture. Why didn’t anyone tell me this is what I was walking around like?!? You guys definitely don’t love me.


9 Things I Learned From Jarely Nunez @FaithInCurls

Split ends are not what you think

It’s easy for us to see fuzzy, dry ends and quickly determine we need a trim. Jarely proposed this may not always be the case. If you are poorly moisturizing your hair, you may misdiagnose your ends as split when they are actually dehydrated.

Product application is everything

For me, this is the key I was missing to a well defined, moisturized wash n go. While styling my hair, Jarely emphasized while applying product, make sure you’re smoothing product into your hair shaft until is no longer rough, but soft.

Fluffing & raking makes a huge difference

For bigger hair, we tend to rake our finger through our hair after styling. This can ruin the definition we just achieved. Two ways to avoid this is:  to add clips to your roots for lift and allow to dry or only lift your roots with a pick or fingers and DO NOT rake through your hair. Be patient and place each curl where is naturally lay.

How to properly use a cowash

Before cowashing was a technique creating to condition and cleanse your hair simultaneously. Now, brands have created a product for that and coined it a cowash. Many people are misusing cowashes and allowing build up to cover their hair strands and scalp. Jarely explained that the conditioning agents in a cowash are latching on to dirt and needs to be properly rinse to experience its maximum potential.

How to define/find your true curl pattern

This tip tags along with the product application. Applying product properly and achieve max moisture is how you will achieve healthy hair thus the most define curl/coils.

Routine trims are overrated

Take your time with this one. Routine trims, every 3,4 ,5, 6 weeks may not be the business. If you’re constantly wearing your hair curly, why straighten it just to trim it?! As long as your hair is growing, with a devacut, its recommended by Jarely to trim when you grow out your shape. If your keeping up with moisturizing and styling, no need to cut just because they tell you to cut your hair!

The biggest mistake- mistyping dehydrated hair

This hit home for me because I’ve been thinking the same thing. Jarely shed some light on a necessary observation of hers (and I’ve noticed as well in the natural hair community). We unknowingly type our hair in its worst state. It can be dehydrated or manipulated and you end up mistyping your hair and its porosity which leads to styles and products never working because you’re approaching as they completely wrong texture.

Devacut is personal & unique as your curl texture

I don’t know about you guys, but I thought a devacut was the same for everyone right? Well, Jarely let me know that a devacut is a technique on cutting different type of curly hair. You don’t have to worry about walking around with the same cut as someone else!

Detangling means way more than we think

Point black period, proper detangling and being patient is so important to moisturizing your hair and its health. Per her training, Jarely recommends finger detangling, but if you are someone who has never taken the time to learn how to or don’t have the patience to do so, finger detangling is not for you. Denman brushes works for most curlies and how important detangling is, you really need to make sure you are doing it properly.


This devacut style was sponsored by Jerely, but this experience is priceless and all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands/people who support JaiCURLS!

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