My favorite deep conditioner for type 4 natural hair plays a big role in making my hair healthy, soft, and easy to detangle. A while ago, I realized that certain ingredients always get the best results from my coily hair. Unfortunately, I never found the deep conditioner that had everything I needed. I’ve often found deep conditioners that got the job done, but when I tried Bask and Bloom Essentials Brahmi Root Hair Masque I feel in love. I’m sharing below reasons why I swoon over this product every wash day.

Brahmi Root Hair Masque


This hair masque is plant based meaning that its most effective ingredients are all natural and organic. You won’t get any “filler” products or anything that will cause more bad than good in the long run. Also, BBE utilizes an ayurvedic herbal infusion that is an intense strengthening, conditioning, and moisturizing process for your hair. To me, after being conscious about what I’m using my hair, I saw a huge difference in its curl pattern, healthy, growth rate, and lust. Thus, it’s imperative that I use products that are conscious and natural.

We (Bask and Bloom Essentials) do not use any synthetic fragrances and our products are free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, formaldehyde and mineral oil and its free of from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, formaldehyde and mineral oil.

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I want to add as well that this product is fragranced by essential oils which leads to no harmful synthetic fragrances and more beneficial oils that are good as they smell.

Honestly, I’m not sure how, but BBE found the perfect combination of herbs and ingredients that promotes healthy hair, growth, and immediate results. As well, I’ve found that most of the ingredients in this hair masque are ingredients that universally work for most women with type 4 hair. This means that this product is the perfect deep conditioner to try if you’re looking for go to product. Check out some of its stellar ingredients below:

  •  Distilled Water and infused with Brahmi
  • Burdock Root
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Yucca Root
  • Slippery Elm and Horsetail
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Avocado Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Raw Honey


The moisture infusion begins almost immediately, if you ask me. I’m adamant about paying close attention to signs of moisture in particular defined curls and lust which I found after 5-7 minutes of working this hair masque into my hair, defined curls and shiny are almost instant. Keep in mind that moisture is always the key to solving and preventing most hair issues.



Slip is how well your hands “slip” through your hair indicating how well the product detangles. As I said earlier, moisture is almost immediate so as detangling. I believe it definitely cuts my detangling sessions in half. Also, its great in removing shedding(dead) hair.



Well call it a deep conditioner but what does that really means?! Conditioning is nourishing your hair strands which means no rough or opened hair cuticles, shiny, moisturizing, and healthy hair. I love how well this hair masque makes my hair fells after one session. In my most dehydrated hair state, this hair masque gives my fro a 360 turnaround.



We don’t have money to waste so finding products with quality ingredients and still within my price range is a priority. All of Bask and Bloom Essentials products last extremely long and are super affordable.


Have you tried Bask and Blooms Essentials Brahmi Root Masque?

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