Can you tell I love this line?

Bask and Bloom Essentials is a plant based beauty line that has really sweep me off my feet this year. As I get further in my haircare journey, I’m learning to appreciate the most naturally created products for my hair and skin. After working with this brand on multiple occasions, I realized that I love it way more than I thought.

I wanted to share my success with this line and definitely recommend to everyone to try at least once and I’m sure you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Quick tip: this line is type 4 hair, low porosity friendly. It’s ingredients are unique and actively work well on my texture every use!

Favorite product:

Brahmi Root Hair Masque

My hair looks, feels, and behaves SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well after using this deep conditioner. It has bomb slip, even after rinse out. Also, it smells divine. I’ve used it after neglecting my hair, once on dry and brittle hair, and on hair covered in product build up and it still delivered so if you want to try anything, try this!

Ideal Regimen:

I recommend for the kinky girl that you get the gentle cleanser, hair masque, twisting creme, and body and hair butter just to create an regimen.


I’ve had the pleasure of using their purifying facial cleanser in the @ArtisanLoveBox (I reviewed it here if you wanted to check it out!) and I love what it is doing for my skin. Background on my skin is that it is very sensitive, hyperactive acne, and hyper-pigmentation as well. This face wash does not dry my skin out nor does it leave dirt or a residue. It actually made its way into my skin care regimen.

Have you tried Bask and Bloom? Comment below!

Try it for yourself:

As always, create your own happiness, daily.


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