We cause our hair so much damage when we overlook the small things. There is so much breakage that takes place when we aren’t careful with how we manage our hair when wash it. Check out below 3 natural hair mistakes we definitely want to stop doing so we can maximize our growth!


Neglect Your Scalp

We tend to wash everything on our head (and body too if we wash in the shower) besides our scalp, the foundation of our hair. Dry scalp, dandruff, slow growth, and fungus are the only results of neglecting your scalp. Luckily, this is an easy fix. You would start with sectioned hair. In each section, hold your hair upward or out and apply your shampoo to your scalp and massage in a circle motion to clean build up from products and weather.

Check out my previous #CurlyGirlHackSeries Post on “3 Secrets To A Clean And Healthy Scalp” for more deets on keeping your scalp spotless for healthy hair.


Here are a few products that are really good at removing product build up!

Toss Your Fro

It’s a habit to toss our hair wildly as we wash our hair. We feel like we are cleaning our hair to the utmost when we rustle our fro under the water. I’ve done it for as long as I remember, I get it. Nonetheless………..it’s a big NO because we are doing nothing but tangling our hair in knots on knots on knots which complicates our detangling session even the more. Curly hair already is susceptible to curling on top of itself. Tossing it back and forth, side to side creates any unnecessary breakage problem. Solution: Separate your hair into 4 sections and apply gently while detangling. On wash day, I like to separate my hair in 4 sections and go through each step from section to section then moving on to the next step.3. Towel Dry Me……Not.


Check out these detangling tools if finger detangling is not your thing:

Towel Dry

Now that you’ve tossed your hair into more knots than you can count, you add the icing on the cake with rough towel drying of your hair. Can we say breakage on breakage on breakage?! I noticed a huge difference in my hair loss at the end of wash day when I stop using a towel to dry my hair. Solution?! Grab a t-shirt and get dry! Others purchase a micro towel that allows them to wrap their hair up and keep moving. Either choice is better than a towel roughness ripping away at your strands.


Check out these really check towel replacements:

Queens, I hope you find these tips helpful in your #NaturalHairJourney Have you tried this method yet? What did you change in your wash day to promote health and retention? Comment below and make sure you follow me all over the internet @JaiCURLS


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